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Costas Shammas has studied for the ACCA Accounting Profession in London but he stopped short of membership qualification. He worked in the Audit Profession with the government of Cyprus and with PW in the City of London; as a Financial Controller in three Industrial enterprises in London; served as a Managing Director in one Industrial company in Cyprus; had his own Management Information Systems Consultancy firm for a number of years; and established his own Shop Design and Shop Fitting Industry before retirement.

Since 1984, he has been a cofounder of a number of Civil Society Organisations, the Peace Centre being his longest engagement where he is a fulltime volunteer since retirement.

Sophia Arnaouti holds an MA in Conflict Resolution from the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford and a degree in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology from the School of Philosophy, University of Athens. She concluded research on the application of the Theory of Ripeness on the negotiation process between the two Cypriot communities commencing in 2008.
Sophia undertook courses in mediation and negotiation and has worked as a mediator. She gained field experience in Sri Lanka and has participated in a Peacekeeping training for the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, Britain. For the last 2 years she worked at the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. Currently, she is for a short visit in Bordeaux, France where she is about to complete a degree in French.

Kyriacos Djambazis, holds a Ph.D. in Jurisprudence from the Moscow Academy of Social Sciences. He has earlier received a BA and MA law degree at Kiev University.

He is a Researcher, Author, and newspaper Columnist. He has authored a number of books and research papers on Party Politics, Conflict Analysis, Nationalism in Political Psychology, and Mythology in History. He has been a regular Columnist in the daily newspapers: Haravgi, Neos Democratis, Phileleftheros, Eleftherotypia.Currently he is regular columnist in Politis.

He has always been politically active and recently serves on the board of a number of Civil Society organizations. He is a retired customs officer, and was born in Aphania mixed village.

Michalis Simopoulos is Project Coordinator of the Collaborative Media Initiative at the Cyprus Community Media Centre, a project which aims to facilitate an improvement in relationships through dialogue, and increase opportunities for the media in the two communities to collaborate.

He holds a BA in History and Politics from the University of Nottingham, and an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He previously held the position of Press Officer at the Cyprus High Commission in London, and has also worked in research on public policy and overseas development aid with INDEX Research and Dialogue (Cyprus), and transitional justice and reconciliation at International Conflict Research (Northern Ireland).

Evros Alexandrou has an MA degree in Philosophy and Art; an MA degree in Architecture; and a Specialized Certificate (dr.-industry) in the Sociology of town planning, all from the Ljubljana University-Slovenia. He is a practicing Architect and teaches Sociology at the Frederick University of Cyprus and is a visit professor at the University of Slovenia. He has been one of the founders of the first Social Studies Centre in the early years of the Republic and has ever since been active in Community Development Work.
He is the Honorary General Consul of Slovenia in Cyprus; President of 'KKEMAM' (Cyprus Centre for Eastern Mediterranean Social Studies); Vice-President of the: Coordinating Committee of CulturalOrganisations - Limassol, The Centre of Culture and Arts - Limassol; and President of the Academic Department of 'CYBERNET' Computer Training private Schools.

Katie Economidou holds a BA in Political Studies and Public Administration from the American University of Beirut, a postgraduate diploma in Conflict Management and Human Resource Development from the US, and a Master of Arts in International Conflict Analysis with merit from the University of Kent.

She had trained extensively in conflict resolution in Cyprus and abroad, and collaborated with organizations dealing with conflict management such as the CMGroup, The Women Waging Peace of which she is a co-founder, the School for International Training, the Peace Village in Jerusalem, the World Council of Churches, and many others. She had initiated a number of groups herself, such as the Citizens Action group for Peace in Cyprus, the Bicommunal choir, and she is a co-founder of the Mediators’ Center in Nicosia.

Besides Greek and English, she has a good working knowledge of French, German and Italian, and a basic knowledge of Turkish, Arabic and Russian. Since 1982 she has been working at the Administrative department of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation dealing with training and human resource development. She is trained professional Tourist Guide, a classical singer and holds a Diploma in Recital Performance from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

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