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Personal Value System

Peace is an innate natural development in all human beings. However, it is not a place where one automatically finds one’s self. It is a journey, often painful at the beginning, which starts with the first step.  This journey has to start in the very private place - the psyche - of the human person and gradually followed by the individual and consequent group progress to a Peace Culture.

It is only possible if the following values are accepted at the individual and group level:

  • It is a condition that everybody’s basic human needs should be recognised, honoured and satisfied, otherwise no single human person can develop to the next step.
  • The current state of individual and group development should be recognised, and embraced as the factual next stepping stone. Then, a process of human development can be conceived, wisely designed, and thoughtfully cultivated and implemented.
  • Humans must abandon the idea of separativeness and the hate and dislike for other groups and people. They should recognise that, these people have nothing to do with historical mistakes, conflict, and barbaric actions of the nation with which they today associate themselves. Should each nation look to their own history through the lens of the truth, it will not be difficult to trace at least a similar behaviour by their own national group.
  • Regarding people within one’s own national group, one should let go of hate and dislike for all those who have different ideas and ideologies from oneself. Let us not forget that, for them, our ideas may be equally wrong and destructive, and that, most likely, they are as altruistic as we are and, probably, motivated by the same love for our country like ourselves.
  • Consequently we have no right to hate anybody. We have differences in ideas and approaches – and these can often be very strong -, but these people are members of our larger group. It is with these people and for these people that we have to work. Therefore, ‘anti’ attitudes are not considered to be in the spirit of a Peace Culture. Our only choice is honest dialogue with every group with different ideas.