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Multiculturalism: We believe that in the changing global environment, all countries will eventually become multicultural. Therefore, we are working for a multicultural membership at the Centre.
Proliferation of members of the Centre into different groups is recognised as a healthy human need. Such groups will continue to be our partners in our work for social change.

Global Activity: We will contribute, to the level of our capacity, in the global effort to build a more peaceful world.
Experiential Learning is our primary objective, while we do not underestimate the benefits of advocacy work.

Flexibility: Since both human organisations and socio-political circumstances change, the Centre will both encourage and welcome evolvement and change.
Transparency is a major defence tool in the local hostile environment for advocacy social change activities. Therefore, we feel responsible to set new local standards in financial and activity transparency.

Prosperity: We respect the human need for a reasonable standard of living for the self and one’s family. Therefore, we assume that volunteers who devote many hours to our cause need to be moderately compensated for their loss of income.
Quality Culture in our work is an expression of respect to all our stakeholders and the larger society within which we operate.
Internal Financial Control is a protection against weaknesses present in every human person. Consequently, processes of internal financial control are an integral part of our responsibility to our stakeholders.

Cooperation: We collaborate with whoever promotes social transformation towards a Peace Culture, both locally and globally. We value the scientific methodologies as the more effective approach to the social transformation process but, nevertheless, we honour all those working for peace with all other traditional practices.

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