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Transcending to a Peace Culture


For Peacebuilding Work to be successful, it should cover all the problem areas applicable to all the levels of human expression, namely: the intra-personal; the inter-personal; the intra-social, the inter-nation, the inter-state; the inter-region; and the inter-civilisation.

Our scope of Peace Work involves action for:

  1. The recognition, by the whole of the society, of the attitudes and behaviours leading to a conflict culture and the appropriate steps to transcend itself to a Peace Culture;
  2. The development of skills and processes in the Centre that will empower current and new volunteer participation and help in the efficient goal achievement.
  3. The dissemination and training in skills and human development methodologies that will lead to social transformation.
  4. The collaboration with all other Peace Actors by sharing know-how and resources.
  5. The empowerment of Potential Peace Actors to participate in the process of developing a Peace Culture.
  6. The empowerment and mobilisation of citizens to get actively involved in the process of Peacebuilding and the recognition that they have the power to shape their own and their children’s future.

The available Social Change Tools are many. The actors can be individuals, families, organised groups, state and other institutions and, last but not least, the State itself.

For those who want to elaborate more on the tools, as well as current and potential Peace Actors please CLICK HERE