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This following a free translation of the first three articles of the original 1992 Greek text of the Constitution.

Click here to download the complete Constitution in the greek language

To engage in activities that will promote the ideal of peace in the world, with particular reference to Cyprus. To work for the particular objectives given below by introducing: new concepts, ideas, communication skills, and right human attitudes and relations.
1. To promote the respect of all cultures and civilisations. To support all efforts leading to the protecting of Human Rights and right human relations, locally and internationally.
2. To engage in an in depth study of the causes of conflict and the phenomenon of violence.
3. To develop and implement conflict resolution and other human development methodologies  that help handle group differences, starting from the responsibility of the individual citizen.
4. To sensitize the general public about the necessity of resolving conflict and achieving peace.
5. To promote the ideals of mutual understanding, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence among all people of the world, with emphasis on Cyprus.
The above objectives will be achieved by the following means:
1. The organisation of activities such as lectures, open discussions, workshops, film and video shows, etc
2. The establishment of a Peace library equipped with relevant printed and other educational aids.
3. The support and direct involvement in applied research in the areas of peace, disarmament, human rights, the environment, and alternative sources of energy.
4. The publication of educational material on peace and right human relations.
5. The organisation of Conflict Resolution workshops in Cyprus and the wider geographical area.
6. To collaborate with all the stakeholders in education for the promotion of the ideal of Peace and other ideals leading to Right Human Relations worldwide.
7. The organisation and/ or participation in civic action campaigns that are promoting the objectives of the Centre.
8. The cooperation with local and international organisations that have the same or similar goals.