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We invite all individuals who have a need to work for this cause, to bring to this Democratic Collaborative Pool whatever skills; moral support; and or financial contribution they decide. We have established the appropriate constitutional foundation necessary for the development of the Peace Centre into a vibrant and sustainable Peace Institution.

We have developed three alternative modes of participation appropriate to the needs, skills, and time availability for whoever wishes to contribute to this Social Change process.

  • Active Members: Those individuals who decide to actively participate in the different processes and activities of the Centre. These members are normally motivated either by the need to go through their own process of Personal Development  or, the will to help others go through that same process. Such members have the right to offer themselves for election in the Executive Board of the Centre.
  • Supportive Members: Those individuals who, though they agree with the Vision, the Mission and the whole philosophy of the Centre, they have no time to get actively involved. Their mere registration as members, however, constitutes an important empowering indicator to those who make the time to actively participate.
  • Monthly Regular Donors: Legal or physical persons who feel strongly the need to support our work but, because of other demands on their time, they are unable for active participation. However, they have the capacity and the will to help the Centre with a small monthly financial contribution. Individuals in this category may or may not register as members.

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