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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 13:29

Peacebuilding - WHO, WHAT, HOW

Peacebuilding is the capacity to diagnose what needs to be done, in order to change a particular Conflict or War situation into one of Peace.  But it is furthermore, the capacity to unite into one relationship the need with all those in a position to contribute to the satisfaction of the need.

This implies the ability for a correct diagnosis of WHAT actions are needed, and furthermore the will and the skills to UNITE ALL ACTORS in a single collaborative relationship. Such an attitude empowers and facilitates those we agree with and those we do not. Differing matters of opinion should not get in the way. To the contrary,  they need to be viewed as enriching and facilitating inclusivity. All of us Peace Actors in Cyprus, have definitely failed to work in this spirit.

We invite you to engage in a constructive dialogue on this topic.  All views will be analysed and organised to become the subject matter of Collaborative Workshops with the scope developing proposals for a Peacebuilding Architecture.