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The unsolicited presentation to the visitor of all funding resources is a deliberate Proactive Transparency tool of the Centre. Throughout its 19-year history the Centre had two sources of funding:

1. Local Funding is solicited from local donors in the following three ways:
  • Regular Monthly Donations that finance recurring expenses at the Centre.
  • One-Time Donations to raise funds for specific projects or administrative expenses.• Finance from Active Members either by out of pocket expenses, or in kind services.
  • Annual Membership Fees
2. Specific Project Funding from International resources which normally finance Peace-Building projects in conflict areas of the world.

    Specific Funding has been received from the following bodies:
  • The United Nations Agencies ‘UNOPS’ and ‘UNDP’
  • The European Union
  • The World Council of Churches
  • The Youth Council - Republic of Cyprus