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Participation in a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) indicates the desire and the will of the individual citizen to contribute to the process of Human Development and Social Change in ones particular community, country, or the larger world of nations.

The scope and nature our commitment is to work for a social transformation to a World Peace Culture beginning with ourselves, our community, our country, the broader region, and the whole world. The Peace Centre is working towards the institutionalisation of a Peace Culture in our small island country, which has been devastated by the results of a prolonged ethnic conflict.

We are motivated to act towards this direction, because we consider the state and the political establishment unwilling, and or unable, to instigate this social transformation process.

We invite all individuals who have a need to work for this cause, to bring to this Democratic Collaborative Pool whatever skills; moral support; and or financial contribution they decide. We have established the appropriate constitutional foundation necessary for the development of the Peace Centre into a vibrant and sustainable Peace Institution.

Alternative Modes of Participation have been developed, appropriate to the meet the needs, skills, and time availability of whoever wishes to contribute to this Social Change Process.