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Academic Community

Hundreds of years ago, education was only for the privileged few and religion was the only authority to explain the Cosmos we live in and regulate individual and group behaviour. With the development of the different branches of science, that role has been transferred from Religion to Educational Institutions that started sprouting in a geometrical progression.

The transition was not smooth but today, Academic Institutions are the place where the truth is sought and human behaviour is greatly influenced. Scientific research in all countries engages in investigating what constitutes the reality of the natural world we live in, and explores individual and group attitudes that lead to the development and welfare of the human race.

This Portal will demonstrate the fact that the knowledge accumulated in the temples of Academic Knowledge suggests that Peace is a natural human trait and that it provides the architectural blueprint that will help countries recognise their interdependence and begin to work for the Unity-in-Diversity of the human race.

We will further collect, organise, and disseminate information on contemporary Human Development Methodologies developed in the Academic Community, that will help people in all cultures transcend to a Culture of Peace.

This Portal is a work in progress. This section has not been completed yet.