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Successful Peacebuilding is:

  • The art for action that is motivated by the need and the will, to work for the good of one's group without forgetting the good the 'enemy'.
  • It is the Intelligent Analysis and Recognition of what needes to be done, and furthermore,
  • The ability to unite in a single relationship the need, with those that will make the satisfaction of that need possible.
Consequently, the Peace Centre has been consciously cultivating Partnerships and Collaborations with all Peace Actors working in Cyprus. With the advent of the internet technology, we recognise the potential of Regional and International Partnerships and Collaborations. We consider the completion of this Portal to prove an important tool that will help us expand our service,but also draw support from the International Peace Community.

The Guiding Principle that governs the level of our engagement and commitment to Partnerships and Collaborations is our own evaluation of the effectiveness of the joint actions. Nevertheless, we will support whatever Peace Actions by other actors without judging their effectiveness.