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Civil Society
Civil Society

''A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has''. (Margaret Mead)

Civil Society is depicted in this Portal to include all forms of organisations set up for collective action around the shared common interest of Peace in its broader term. All social change Civil Society organisations work directly or indirectly for peace. This is so because peace will become a reality when all individuals, groups, and nations will drop their separatist self-centredness and adopt the unity of the One Humanity.

For practical reasons, this Portal will limit its presentation to those organisations working towards the synthesis of our diverse world of nations into the One Humanity. Starting from Cyprus, we will broaden our presentation to the Middle East, the South East Europe and, expand our presentation to include those organisations that work on the International level.

In order to facilitate the visitor, we categorise organisations according to the scope of their work and their legal status. We do our best to be objective and we always secure the consent of all listed organisations.

The content on this Portal is the responsibility of the Peace  Centre Cyprus. However, we have no responsibility for the content of the particular websites or other links given for these organisations.

We apologise that this section of the Portal has not been completed yet.