The Peace Centre is the civil society organisation that introduced scientific Human Development Methodologies for the development of a Peace Culture in Cyprus. Some efforts to engage in a bicommunal dialogue were initiated in the 70’s by some academics and political leaders, but they failed to get off the ground.

Beginning in early 1992, under extremely difficult conditions to meet with people on the other side of the divide, the Centre has started introducing bi-communal Conflict Resolution workshops. Within a year it became possible to schedule a series of Conflict Resolution workshops and other events which continue to the present date.

In the years that followed, big numbers of professionals, academics, and level-two politicians have been trained in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and other relevant skills. The workshops were tkaking place both in Cyprus and abroad.

It is our opinion that the details of that pioneer work, under the extremely hostile environment of that time, should be made available for those who wish to probe into history. We furthermore feel we have the duty to:
  • Pay tribute to those few, who have sacrificed a lot in order to make their vision of Peacebuilding work in Cyprus materialise. These few were: Local Peace Idealists; International Peace Scholars; Officials at the UN  Headquarters and its Agencies in Cyprus; officials at the Fulbright Commission, the US Embassy, and the US State Department.
  • Demonstrate how persistence, methodology and hard work can make a few peoples' impossible vision a reality.
  • Describe how in today’s single global community of nations, local visionaries can bypass a local hostile environment, and become effective by collaborating with the world Peacebuilding Community.

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