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The human person, in its long history of evolution throughout the ages, had, for a multitude of reasons, the need to organise into: families, village communities, tribes, nations, and larger unions of countries. The individual and group interests bring about an inherent conflict in the relations of individuals and groups.

With the advent of civilisation, humans recognised the need for ways to manage their conflict which has often lead to varying magnitudes of destruction. This has always proved tremendously difficult despite the fact that civilisations of different glory and magnitude have developed in different parts of the world throughout the ages.

Humanity needs to seriously engage in a process of understanding and forgiving the past, abandon antagonism, antipathies, and separateness.
Each state needs to attempt to start thinking in terms of the one humanity of nations. It needs to engage in a process of constructing a new civilisation based on the principle of the synthesis of diversity in a unity where difference is celebrated; brotherhood and inclusiveness is the keynote; and loving understanding is the very essence of all relationships.

It is our belief that in the age of globalisation, television and the internet, this possibility will become a reality. The interdependence of all countries on the planet is now obvious even to the sceptics. We believe that humanity will, relatively soon, give birth to a new world. Within the limitations of our size and culture we are dedicated to working towards this end.