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Peace Education for All

Ones view of the world is the result of formal and informal education received in the family, social and work pears, school and university, the church, the media, and all other socio-political environment. Those individuals that have the capacity to critically review, reflect on,  revise and transcend what is being deliver to them are extremely few.

Peace Attitudes
are more so influenced by the narratives deliberately selected or fabricated by past and current leadership in their construction of the national unity of the state. No nation is innocent of such fabrications of the history of their nation, of the states in their immediate neighbourhood, and of all other nations they have been in conflict or at war.

Cyprus, like other young states of the region that have emerged from the breakdown of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent colonisation during the last century are still in the process of consolidating their nation-states. The conflict in Cyprus, ongoing for the last 50 years since its crippled decolonisation, presents a regrettable example of such of a strategy of conflict manipulation by the powerful and regrettable actions of an ignorant and immature local population.

This section of the Portal seeks to challenge traditional attitudes and behaviour by presenting history and the current debate by those few who have managed to break away from the destructive ideologies that have to this date govern popular perceptions and stereotypes. We hope the selections that are uploaded will help visitors deconstruct popular thinking and help them transcend to a Peace Culture.
Uploads under these articles will include Article Texts, Audio and Video.

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