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The United Nations


The United Nations Organisation is the first ever concrete outcome of the joint efforts of the peoples of the world - through their organised states - to regulate their relationships in ways that will secure the common human need for a sustainable peace.
Even though it is recognised by all that the UN does not always meet people's expectations, one should understand that these are limitations of its member states themselves which, more than often, they have their separate state interests in mind.

Nevertheless, if one is to realise the importance of the UN, one should imagine the world without the United Nations. All the above does not imply that there is no need for the UN to constantly engage in its organisational development in order to meet the high expectations of an ever changing and unifying world. 

This site will try to present to the visitor a true picture of the UN's enormous contribution to the human family to this date, as well as the continuing debate for its further development.

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