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About The Peace Centre

Peace Centre - Cyprus is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious civil society organisation established in 1992. It is also an Educational Charity registered in Cyprus. It has been the pioneering organisation that has introduced Conflict Resolution workshops on the island, and later worked with the UN Agencies in Cyprus to extend the project of Peace and Reconciliation.

Cyprus, a member state of the European Union, is immersed in a bi-communal conflict for the last 48 years and since 1974 the northern part of the island is under a military occupation from the neighbouring state of Turkey. Most countries in the wider geographical area, that have developed into nation-states during the last century, are immersed in live or simmering conflict and/or a lack of healthy democracy.

The Peace Centre is committed to working for the human development by the creation of a Social Learning Environment where the attributes of a Peace Culture are identified, analysed, adopted by the society and enshrined in legislation. Such a socio-political environment will help create the conditions for the resolution of existing conflict situations and help manage any future social or political conflict that may arise.