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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 13:29

Peacebuilding - WHO, WHAT, HOW

Peacebuilding is the capacity to diagnose what needs to be done, in order to change a particular Conflict or War situation into one of Peace.  But it is furthermore, the capacity to unite into one relationship the need with all those in a position to contribute to the satisfaction of the need.

This implies the ability for a correct diagnosis of WHAT actions are needed, and furthermore the will and the skills to UNITE ALL ACTORS in a single collaborative relationship. Such an attitude empowers and facilitates those we agree with and those we do not. Differing matters of opinion should not get in the way. To the contrary,  they need to be viewed as enriching and facilitating inclusivity. All of us Peace Actors in Cyprus, have definitely failed to work in this spirit.

We invite you to engage in a constructive dialogue on this topic.  All views will be analysed and organised to become the subject matter of Collaborative Workshops with the scope developing proposals for a Peacebuilding Architecture.
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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 10:47

Current Partnerships

The Centre is currently engaged in the following Partnerships and Collaborations with:
  • The Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC)
CCMC is a Bicommunal Organisation. It has opened its doors in late 2009, aiming to establish community media in Cyprus and support local organisations and community groups in communicating their message to a wider audience. It does this in many different ways, whether it's training, dedicated support, equipment loan, creating videos, taking photographs, holding public events, setting up online forums or even just being on the end of the phone, offering advice to its members.
The Peace Centre is one of the founding organisations and is a member of the Management Committee.
The CCMC initiative has been established with the support and partnership of UNDP - Action for Cooperation and Trust.
  • Home For Cooperation:
Commensurate with its policy of collaboration with all who work for peace, the Peace Centre has decided to be one of the organisations to participate in the Home for Cooperation (H4C) building on the Nicosia Buffer Zone opposite the Ledra Palace Hotel.
The H4C will house is a multi-functional research and educational centre: a centre for young people, educators, historians and researchers; a centre for exhibitions and archives, library and work space for NGOs. It is the product of hard work by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research and has been jointly financed by many local and international donors. It will open its doors to the public in May 2011 and it will offer an excellent opportunity for NGO's to collaborate across the divide and practice working together nder one single roof.
  • Bicommunal Initiative for Peace
This is a bicommunal Platform for organisations active in the Bicommunal Peacebuilding Peace Initiative. The Peace Centre has been a member of this Platform since its conception in 2008. It has been very active in bicommunal events.
  • UNDP Action for Cooperation & Trust in Cyprus
This is the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) current peacebuilding programme in Cyprus. The programme aims principally to strengthen the capacities of Cypriots to actively participate in the reconciliation process. ACT is funded through a cooperative agreement between USAID and UNDP.
The Peace Centre has been collaborating with this programme since 2005, and with all other previous UNOPS and UNDP programmes since its formation 1992.
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